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About the Founder

About the Founder

Mike Goss, president and founder of Abstinence America is a 30 year business veteran, author and speaker. By the grace of God and his drive and determination has positioned Abstinence America as the recognized leader in the Houston metropolitan area for providing abstinence and relationship education.

Mike has developed abstinence until-marriage curriculums for both middle and high schools. As a captivating presenter he’s given over 3,000 presentations and workshops to almost 50,000 youth and college students, churches, teachers, parents, grandparents, women shelters and many others.

In 2005 Mike took his fun loving, hard-hitting style to internet radio and created the now defunct SexTalkRadio.Org – a perfect fit for his passion of exposing the lies and revealing the truth. Ever the innovator he is always searching for ways of presenting information on human sexuality more effectively and to a wider audience. He believes that his Sex-Ed for Parents program takes a giant step in that direction.

His life is prioritized by his commitment to Christ who in February of 1999 changed his life, followed by his love for his wife of 31 years and his two children. He considers himself very fortunate to possess a genuine love for all people regardless of background or beliefs.