Five Aspects of the Whole Person | Abstinence America

Five Aspects of the Whole Person


Moral emotions and feeling



The educational task in the character-based abstinence until marriage approach is to demonstrate the ethical connection between love, marriage, and sexuality by:

  • Presenting emotional word pictures that integrate the symbolic meaning of sexuality with love and marriage
  • Assisting learners to set personal goals for abstinence until marriage in the present and committed love in marriage in the future.
  • Modeling the normative symbolic meaning of love, marriage and sexuality through stories, personal testimonies, role playing and interactive lessons.
  • Teaching abstinence until marriage as a standard to help them internally regulate their behavior so that the standard is a fully integrated part of how they conceptualize their core identity and integrity.
  • Encouraging them to build the confidence and self-efficacy to persevere in their conscious adoption of the abstinence lifestyle before marriage and to become persons of character and virtue in all of life, including the sexual domain.