Sexual Self Theory vs Whole Person Theory

“We need to tell teens that the safest sex doesn’t necessary mean no sex, but rather behaviorsthat have no possibility of causing pregnancy or a sexually transmitted disease (such as) …undressing each other, masturbation in front of a partner, mutual masturbation…” -Seicus Report 1988 -“Safe Sex and Teens”

This is an example of the “comprehensive” sex education you hear so much about these days in the media. This theory believes our sexuality functions as a separate appendage of our autonomous selves, divorcing sex from its natural moral, social, emotional and cognitive integration in human nature and reduced to biological instinct.

Further destructive examples of this approach
Does not believe our sexuality is integrated in the very core of our existence with the ability to destroy a person’s natural shame and violate the dignity of the human conscience.

  • Disregards a woman’s natural sense of modesty, an instinct to protect their core integrity. The emotions connected to sexuality are embedded in their moral sense that they shape a woman’s personal identity.
  • The interwoven nature of human emotions is such that you cannot “eradicate” the emotion of shame without damaging other emotions such as the desire for lasting love and commitment.
  • Women have natural desire to be “sexual” and negative emotions of “shame” and “guilt” connected to sexual behavior are generated from artificial norms and conventions imposed externally by culture and society.