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About the Maternity Homes

Maternity homes are a very important piece of the support system for girls who find themselves pregnant and cast aside. Imagine you’re sixteen and discover you’re pregnant and you’re told point blank to “get out!” Get out and go where? Already shook up at the thought you’re pregnant, now you’re terrified.

But thanks to the operators of these maternity homes who are determined to keep open a door of refuge just for times like these. The maternity homes offer girls a safe and loving environment while ensuring they receive the extremely important pre and postnatal care along with every other need from personal hygiene, to classes that teach her how to be a mother as well as an opportunity to continue her high school education. Your tax deductible donation of just .63 cents a day helps keep a door open for girls who although have made a mistake are determined not to make another by terminating her baby’s life. Will help them?