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About the Pregnancy Resource Centers

Pregnancy resource centers through a web of volunteers and private donations provide women hope in times of crisis. Most that come in drag in with them a bag bulging at the seams with negative emotions; fear, confusion, desperation, hopelessness, isolation, making them extremely vulnerable to opting for a permanent solution to a temporary problem. But once they meet with a trained, compassionate counselor who oftentimesis someone that has walked in her shoes… the dark clouds fade. As she’s made aware of all of her options and given the assurance she will not have to walk through her pregnancy alone,suddenly she sees a ray of hope for her and the child she’s carrying.

But imagine….

Imagine if the PRC’s weren’t there. In her extreme state of vulnerability having to seek help from a facility who has a financial stake in her decision to abort could be deadly. With 40 million babies aborted each year we must help keep the doors open as well as open ones. The need is tremendous in minority communities, especially in the African American community where in some states almost 60% are aborted. More medical pregnancy centers in general are needed so poor women can have easier access to well woman exams, STD testing and many other medical related services. In addition to that more funds are needed to increase awareness among women… and men that Planned Parenthood isn’t the only game in town. Your 63 cents a day tax deductible donation accomplish all of that and a much more.