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Playin it Smart- Membership

Puberty is the most challenging stage of growing up. Radical changes in body chemistry occurring all at once, at times can be very traumatic. To top it off their sex drive is emerging and they’re sensing a new and often frightening need to be accepted and appreciated by the opposite sex. Having heard so much about AIDS, condoms, safe sex, Viagra, four hour erections they’ve built a natural curiosity to learn more. Right now they’re struggling to make sense out of the sexual environment they find themselves in with so many questions and very few right answers. Now is the time to learn about forbidden sex long before the temptation occurs because once desire has been fully activated we prefer satisfaction over instruction.

The first five presentations are designed to lay the foundation for the more serious topic to come. Due to the sensitive and personal nature of some of the topics the foundational messages they are delivered gender to gender. After that they’re merged into co-ed presentations where the importance of personal responsibility and ethical decision making is gently weaved into the more sexually specific topics.

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Keep it Real – Membership

Middle School is tough! Hormones are at full tilt and sexual curiosity is off the chain! Throw in the fact they’re at the age where they’re gaining more freedom to explore those curiosities and you’ve got a perfect prescription for trouble. Without some caring adult skillfully providing on-going support and encouragement to make smart relational choices it’s just a matter of time. If your middle-schooler is like others that I’ve surveyed, it’s not a question of if they’re going to have sex …rather, when! It’s a given… unless they’re being constantly presented with physical, emotional, relational and moral reasons not to. The stakes are extremely high because we know how those early sexual choices can lead to lifelong success or a lifetime of regret. Left alone without guidance the latter is more likely to occur. That’s why every child goes through the five-part Biggest Joke series. The Biggest Joke flat lines the misperception that sex is a game and you’re not cool if you’re not playing it.

This group is now starting to assert their independence and choose friends as their primary advisors. A skilled trusted delegate is needed now more than ever.

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Love Smarter – Membership

We look at the lives of dating teens and young adults whose relationships started off so promising only to end up badly. While it appears that somewhere along the way they drifted off course and landed on the rocks. In reality they were headed for the rocks from day one. Plain and simple this group needs to get smarter about dating and relating and fast! From the moment they could string three words together we began to drill them on the importance of the three R’s; readin, ritin, and rithmetic. But there’s a fourth R that most never considered–relationships.

This fourth R will be far more important to their overall success than any of the others. A high IQ counts for very little in relationship 101. It will be their RQ (relationship quotient) not their IQ that will determine whether they will ever be able to enjoy that which they desire most–a fulfilling relationship. Dating violence, Herpes (or some other incurable sexually transmitted disease), unwed pregnancy, divorce can undermine all their other achievements. Love Smarter Not Harder like all of our programs focus on character development and ethical decision making while addressing sexuality from a whole person perspective.

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Sex-Ed for Moms

Mother knows best? At least that’s what girls believe when it comes to their sexuality. Research reveals that it’s the mother’s core values about sex that influence her daughter’s sexual choices the most. Sex-Ed for Moms is a community of moms who want to learn and share effective ways to communicate their values and beliefs about sexuality to both genders.

Topics like the value of virginity; how sexual activity creates false intimacy, causing one to fall for the wrong person and make breaking up extremely hard to do; the truth about condoms and “safe” sex and so much more. The good news is once you become a member topics like these become much easier after I’ve addressed them. Support life and join us!


Sex-Ed for Dads

Sex is powerful. It can create lives. It can change lives…and destroy lives. It is the most powerful drive as men we possess. Yet the majority of us we received less than five minutes of sexual guidance from what should have been the most influential men in our lives—our fathers.

Sex-Ed for Dads is a community of courageous fathers who’ve made up their minds that we will not allow another generation to grow up as many of us did. We know where the traps are and without our guidance the likelihood for them to become ensnared is great, altering the trajectory of their lives and ours.

Like King Solomon of old we’ve decided that regardless of what mistakes we may have made and regardless of what our fathers did or did not do for us, we’re NOT going to be deterred from using our God-given influence to shape our kids sexual character. Support life and join in with us!